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EASYMASTER Second Generation Servo Drive Series

av国产系列欧美亚洲EASYMASTER Second Generation Servo Drive Series.Driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system, the EM-SVP/2 injection moulding machine series combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servo drive, integrated with a proprietary servo controller into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest power consumption at the same time.

Interest in the product

  • Clamping Unit
  • Injection Unit
  • Power System
  • Control System
  • Plasticizing System
  • Product Details

Clamping Unit

•    3-platen technology with self-locking 5-point toggle system.
•    Mold platens are designed with High-strength ductile iron to make platens more rigid, with higher mechanical strength and higher mold protection ability.
•    All important features of mold platens are machined simultaneously by CNC machines.  This maximizes the precision and accuracy of the platens and hence the consistency of the products.
•    Tie bars with chrome plating.  High tensile strength and long working life are guaranteed.
•    Auto mold adjustment function to make mold adjustment easier and more efficient.
•    Flexible parts removal in different directions.
•    Adjustable slider design helps to balance the weight of moving platens, reducing the deformation of tie bars and hence improving platen parallelism.
•    Central lubrication system of toggle system.
•    Robot mounting holes are available for robot installation.
av国产系列欧美亚洲 •    The machine safety design conforms to GB22530 standards.


Injection Unit

•    Double injection cylinders design.
•    Nozzle height is adjustable.
•    Movable hopper design to make it easy to change resins.
•    Plasticizing motor with multiple sizes available.
•    Physical screw position indicator to allow the operator to monitor the screw position during the injection / plasticizing process.


Power System

•    Uses hydraulic power as driving force.
•    Directional valve and almost all other important hydraulic components are imported. Quality is guaranteed.
•    The hydraulic system can be upgraded as per request.
•     A by-pass filter with pressure indicator is featured.
•    Hydraulic Servo System with close loop control provides improved energy saving.
•    Hydraulic system with variable pump is an option.


Control System

•    CBmold or B&R controller is available.
•    User-friendly control interface design.
•    Mold open / clamp process settings with multiple phases.
•    Plasticizing process settings with multiple phases.
•    Injection characteristic curve display.
•    Remote access and monitoring is available.
•    Mold open and simultaneous plasticizing is an optional feature.
•    Barrel with PID temperature control.
av国产系列欧美亚洲 •    High accuracy and fast response linear transducers for injection, clamping, ejection and carriage movement.


Plasticizing Unit

•    Uses imported SKD61 as base material.
•    Different screw design, heat treatment and plating technology can be provided as per request.
•    Flexible combinations available thanks to module based design.
•    SSR (Solid State Relay) available for heating system as optional choice.
•    Special plasticizing unit design for special resins (e.g. PET) as per request.


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